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  • HSV ST Albans triathlon

    HSV ST Albans triathlon

    While many of you are preparing for Lanza, some of us can only dream of such achievements maybe in some far away future. Nevertheless I thought it might be interesting to post a race report from a tri more close to home and of a distance more suitable for beginners like myself. Last Sunday, the…

  • Starting off down under

    Starting off down under

    First Olympic Triathlon since the move to Australia.

  • Salomon Turbo X (aka salomon slop)

    Salomon Turbo X (aka salomon slop)

    Great cross country race, 10 miles of trail, banks, bog and slop! Big thanks to Olivia for encouraging us to do this and for driving, much appreciated! So myself, Olivia and Kev headed early this morning for the race, grey clouds but fortunately no rain. Off we went and collected our timing chips, reluctantly removed…