Regular Weekly Sessions

The club currently runs ad-hoc rides during the week. Online sessions are available Zwift and RGT.

Team GC Zwift

RIAK Online

Seasonal Sessions

Winter Ride Schedule

Each winter we have a series of monthly winter rides. The aim is to get a decent bunch out for a fun group ride, typically of around 50-60 miles. The rides are designed for all abilities and will be ridden at the pace of the slowest rider. There will be different options available to cover a variety of distances too. Some of this may involve taking a train or coming back by train but the rides will be plotted to accommodate this. These are a great opportunity for you all to meet other club members and they will all involve a coffee stop too.

Ride leaders will make a decision based on the weather forecast the night before that it will be suitable weather for a ride the following morning so do keep an eye on Teams on the Saturday evening. If the weather is sub-zero it is likely that the ride will be cancelled and definitely will be if the roads are wet. Check Teams for the meeting point for each ride as location is likely to change depending on the direction of the ride. The updated schedule for 2021/202 is coming soon!

Ad Hoc Rides

Each weekend there are always several groups of riders heading out to train in the surrounding counties. The distances, routes, start times, and meeting points vary on a weekly basis, often with two or more groups of different levels or distances riding out from different places at different times. Such rides are discussed on Teams during the preceding week.