Great Tri London Bake Off 2015

Good nutrition being one of the pillars of sports performance, the brave and the hungry met for a night of showing off of cooking skills and carbo-loading in the now traditional TriLondon Bake Off in its 2015 edition.

Last year’s counted 30+ people and 22 dishes, and this time it was more than 40 famished folks enjoying 26 entries! It was hard work tasting everything, so some ended having one for the road at the Vine.1926105_10155138792355261_2965398585207586102_o

Congratulations to Annah for her winning savoury dish – Cheesy Bread Dip – and Etty and Charlotte’s winning sweet, mini nutella biscuit burgers. Both very worthy winners in a tightly contest bake-off!


Big thanks to Amy, Alex and Etty for being fantastic hosts. Kris Boye even made the journey over from Denmark to check that the standards of baking haven’t dropped this year! Thank you to everyone who attended and made it a very fun social evening.

Thanks to Mauricio & Alan for the report & Mauricio for providing pictures!

UK Cold Water Swim Championships

Time Out calls it “one of the most bonkers events of the year”. We call it “another day at the pool”.

amy cold watermostly
This year’s UK Cold Water Swimming Championships at Tooting Bec Lido saw 3 teams of 4 TriLondoners doing the 4x30m relays. Our brave swimmers say it was a cool thing to do, us spectators preferred to chill and watch, hot drink in hand.

Fun fact:  the water was so cold that Simon had to step on it and heel-kick a hole in it in order to start his swim, and there’s photographic proof of that…

simon ice
Thanks to Mauricio for the report!

Velodrome Session – 17th January

Part of the legacy of London 2012 Olympics is London’s cycling paradise… also know as the Lee Valley Velopark. TriLondon was there last year for the first duathlon in the road circuit, and now we came back to have a go in the Velodrome itself.
The Club organised a 2 hour coached session where an instructor took a bunch of us (some more scared than others) through the motions and had us riding on the walls in no time. Starting off with learning to ride a fixed bike, all 16 riders rapidly progressed through to paceline work, then stacking up 3 abreast round the track. The day finished off with a timed flying lap, with our bike coordinator Ciaran putting in the fastest time of the day in 17.44 seconds.
The word of the day was “exhilarating”. Do not miss the next session if you’re lucky enough to have your name in!velodrome 1 velodrome 2 velodrome 0