Author: raydog

  • 1st Annual Tri London Beer Mile

    1st Annual Tri London Beer Mile

    A fitting end to the multisport season of 2014 saw a score of Tri Londoners facing the uncanny challenge of the Beer Mile last Saturday at an undisclosed location in London. Beer was consumed, lunches were lost, fun was had, and champions were born. The official price awarding ceremony will take place during the AGM…

  • Everesting Leith Hill

    Everesting Leith Hill

    Greysteel man Ciaran O’Hara was in relaxed mood 
yesterday after completing a mammoth cycling challenge in England at the weekend. Well known by cycling enthusiasts, Leith Hill, in Surrey, is one of the highest points in the south of England, at 993 ft. In raising money for the Foyle Hospice, Derry man Ciaran didn’t just…

  • Challenge Taiwan

    Challenge Taiwan

    Many, many, many thanks to the messages of support pre-race, they were much appreciated! They really do help and makes me glad I joined such a great club. Without the support/advice/tips/encouragement available I don’t think I would have signed up to a full distance, and the knowledge base which can be drawn from everyone really…

  • Climbing Aconcagua

    Climbing Aconcagua

    In December I had the fortunate opportunity to try and scale the jewel of the Andes, Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest peak outside of the Himalayas (6,962m). Not strictly triathlon but a fantastic experience made possible in part by my base fitness from years of triathlon training. I know the passions and athletic endeavors of…