Salomon Turbo X (aka salomon slop)

Great cross country race, 10 miles of trail, banks, bog and slop! Big thanks to Olivia for encouraging us to do this and for driving, much appreciated!

So myself, Olivia and Kev headed early this morning for the race, grey clouds but fortunately no rain. Off we went and collected our timing chips, reluctantly removed our layers (all of us having the strategy of less is best!) and swiftly made our way to the front of the start line.

So we were off and Olivia and I wished Kev good luck, we knew we wouldn’t see him again unless he got stuck up to his neck in bog somewhere!

First 2 miles were fairly easy, just trail, gentle inclines in the forest and mostly avoidable puddles. It always takes me a few miles to really settle into
my run so until I did I just dropped back from Olivia but tried to keep her in my sights. And then came the slop! Unavoidable trenches, waist high in muddy    water. No doubt the photographer had a field day, the first real plunge of the day and I couldn’t stop laughing.

We went for another 6 or so miles, through muddy water filled trenches, narrow rivers, rancid smelling bog, up and down steep banks on our hands knees or backsides (which ever deemed appropriate) and along sandy trails with shoes now so heavy it felt like I was wearing 2 pairs. Then mile 8… the Turbo X part… A separately timed part of the course, a mile of serious bog (being from the west Ireland I feel fully justified calling this serious bog). Olivia and I are running together again but now her longer legs are much better at tackling the depths of the bog than my stumps. It was hilarious, literally waist high in thick shoe sucking bog and I’m screaming with laughter so much that one girl asked me was I ok as she thought I wastrouble… I’m fine just laughing so hard I can’t move…Loved it!

There is a mile or so to home where we are weaving through the forest trails with teasing glimpses of the finish line. I managed to catch up with Olivia ‘s long legs and we finished close together at I think around 1hr 39min. Kev of course, as expected, was back at the car and changed by the time we waddled over.

Jonny, we asked one long haired, bearded guy if he was you and had our eye out but didn’t come across you, hope you had a good day anyway!

Brilliant day out, so much fun and I think the attached picture says it all!