New Member Information

Welcome to Tri London.  This page contains information designed to help get you involved as easily as possible.

Member Website Access

The concept behind the members area is to provide a valuable resource exclusively for club members. It will continue to be updated and improved (so check regularly), but at this stage features include:

  • Bike routes
  • Turbo & swim sessions
  • Member-only offers
  • Race calendar
  • Club championship details and past winners
  • Club kit availability
  • Equipment rental
  • contact list

To access the Members area, please register using one of the icons on the home page (google/yahoo/facebook/windowslive). This will be used to authenticate your identity and the club membership secretary will be automatically notified of your registration. After verifying your member status you should be granted access to the members’ section within 24 hrs. Contact the Membership Secretary if you experience any problems with the registration process.

If you’re on a corporate network and you don’t seem to be able to log in at all, try again when you get home. Some corporate networks have security restrictions we can’t circumvent.

You will remain logged in until you actively choose to log out, though the service provider which authenticated you may occasionally ask you for re-verification.

Club Communication: Yahoo! e-group

Our principal means of communication in the club is our Yahoo! e-group. Its functionality, ease of use and high adoption rate has convinced us it is the best solution for us at the moment. But one size does not fit all, and the most common complaint is the high volume of messages.

If you like to receive messages immediately, but don’t want to flood your inbox, a good idea is to create a filter within your mail program to automatically push all club emails into a separate folder for later perusal.  Please be aware that you can also opt to receive just a daily digest of messages (many members do this; chosen through your personal settings), but a few have decided to opt out of the e-group entirely.

Because the club occasionally has urgent news to disseminate (last minute pool closure, weather-related group training session cancellation, etc.) or club news relevant for all members (AGM or social events, policy changes, membership renewal, etc.) opting out of the e-group is done at your own peril.  Important information will also be posted on this website (though perhaps with some delay).

You need to be invited to register for this e-group. If you are not yet registered and have not received an invitation, please contact Note that both these e-groups are restricted to club members only, though we do allow trial 1-month e-group registration for potential new members.

The club has adopted this platform as the most efficient way to facilitate intra-club communication, and it is up to the individual member to ensure their Yahoo! account details are kept up to date.

Facebook Group & Strava

We also have a club Facebook group and Strava account, which all members may join.  Go to, and ask to be added to the group.  You will usually be added within a few days. Alternatively you can contact Roz McGinty and ask for permission to join

The Facebook group is principally used for sharing photos/videos etc.  For general questions and organising of group rides/training etc, the Yahoo e-group is still the best medium for contacting people – not all are on Facebook, and many don’t check it as regularly as the Yahoo e-group.

Club Kit

The club maintains an inventory of training / racing kit in the club colours and emblazoned with the club name and logo. Since we like to encourage our members to train and race in our kit, we collect an extra £10 from new members and return it to them in the form of a £15 e-voucher towards their first purchase of club kit. For more information please visit the Members section of the website.

Triathlon England Membership

Membership with Triathlon England accords you insurance for racing (usually saving about £10 per race) as well as training, periodic magazines, and a host of other advantages. Please click on the banner on the club’s home page for more information – using that link will get you an extra discount as a club member.

Getting Involved

The club traditionally organises handicap run series (piggy-backing of the ParkRun series), club champs races, winter bike rides accessible to all, and socials, but has also seen members organise Brighton swims, King-of-the-Mountain competitions, bike maintenance courses, and tri-camp training weeks. Information on all these events will be posted on the e-group, and often be accessible on the web site as well. And if you have any ideas for events or courses which may interest other club members, jump right in and get involved! If you have any queries or need advice, don’t hesitate to contact any club committee member. They are listed on the web site and tend to be fairly active members, so you’ll usually run into at least a couple of them at any club event.

Final Note

In a club as dynamic and informal as Tri London, it is impossible (and indeed impractical) to delineate all the policies, events, philosophy, etc. in a short synopsis. This intro is designed to give you the essentials and empower you to seek out what you want to get out of (and put into) the club. We hope you enjoy the ride!