Club Champs

Each year, Tri London selects a sprint, Olympic, middle distance and relay race as part of its Club Champs race schedule for the year. Members can also submit their best times over Ironman distance to be considered for the Long Course champs prize. All winners are recognised and rewarded at the AGM in December.

Club Champs 2016

  • Long Course: individual times to be submitted to Ellie Jukes in December
  • Middle Distance: The Cowman, 3rd July 2016
  • Olympic Distance: Hertfordshire Summer Triathlon, 28th August 2016
  • Sprint Distance: Crystal Palace, 15th May 2016

Club Champs 2015

Long Course champs

  • Male: Jonathan Wortelboer
  • Female: Naomi Shinkins

Middle Distance champs: Cotswolds 113 Middle Distance Triathlon

  • 1st place male: Brian Heffernan
  • 2nd place male: Andy Betton
  • 3rd place male: Sergio Di Noti
  • 1st place lady: Sara Hanning
  • 2nd place lady: Roz McGinty

Olympic Distance champs: Milton Keynes Triathlon

  • 1st place male: Brian Heffernan
  • 2nd place male: John Griffin
  • 3rd place male: David Bowry
  • 1st place lady: Imogen Harvey

Sprint Distance Champs: Crystal Palace Triathlon

  • 1st place male: Danny Russell
  • 2nd place male: Rob Baldock
  • 3rd place male: Dan Augello
  • 1st place lady: Naomi Shinkins
  • 2nd place lady: Catherine Eames
  • 3rd place lady: Ellie Jukes

Relay Champs: Eton Dorney Sprints

  • ‘Tri London One’: Andy Betton, Catherine Eames, Ellie Jukes