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Born and raised in Chile, I moved to Ireland in 2008 where I discovered that my long dread of sports was no more, and took it to running. In 2009 my company transferred me to the London area, and already with a couple of marathons under my belt I took it to running cross country with Humanrace and loved it! In 2011 a work assignment to East Anglia found me with free time in the evenings and not much else to do other than to run or hit the pub, so I decided to learn how to swim, and signed up for the Bananaman sprint triathlon 8 months ahead in order to have a goal to reach. It went very, very well (no, I didn't' win, but I got addicted to tri!). Recently back in London for good, my new goal is to improve my swimming and cycling and by the looks of it, I came to the right place.

Travelling with Tri London

Another bunch of TriLondoners went to Chicago ITU World Championships this year and brought back a shiny, heavy gold medal and great results. Congrats Amy, Sophie, John and Graeme!


Then more travels took some more Tee-Elers to San Javier, with more outstanding results in the shape of a silver medal for Sophie! Awesome results for Annah, Jonathan, Alastair and Alan, and Ellen, Ray and Sara too!


Finally 5 of us went to the Lakes District, ran 48 miles and climbed 4000 meters up and down hills and bogs, and didn’t bring back any medals, just very-very-very sore legs. Congrats to Olivia and Lotte for finishing in 16h 29m, Martyn in 17:51, and Kevin and I only 18 minutes behind!


Club Relay Championships 2015

On the 6th of September 21 TriLondoners took part in the Relays at Eton Dorney lake. The day was warm and sunny, and the food and drinks provided by the Club added to a great day out. We even had supporters that totally didn’t come only for the free food and drink!

Next year don’t miss the opportunity to take part in these races as the teams of 3 were masterfully provided with fast and less fast members that in all made for a very disputed race!


Copenhagen Ironman 2015

On August 23 a bunch of us went to Copenhagen for Ironman Denmark. It was 13 of us racing (current and former TriLondoners, plus some add-ons) and 6 supporters (spouses, significant others, and siblings). We all had a blast and managed to squeeze-in some pre and post-race sightseeing and roller coasting and general fun times.

Group racing aways has a wonderful school-trip feel to it. If you haven’t yet joined for one of the Club’s many travel and race occasions, do so! Good times are guaranteed!