Welcome to Tri London


We are a group of London-based triathletes, frequently getting together for various swim, cycling and running training sessions and races. We have a website forum (through Yahoo! Groups at present) as our virtual clubhouse.

Throughout the year we compete in numerous local, national and international triathlon events. We compete in all disciplines ranging from sprint to ironman events, along with various mountain bike and off season events! Each year is always filled with many group events and social nights.

Joining us is easy, click on the ‘join us’ link above to learn about the sign-up process.

Velodrome Session – 17th January

Part of the legacy of London 2012 Olympics is London’s cycling paradise… also know as the Lee Valley Velopark. TriLondon was there last year for the first duathlon in the road circuit, and now we came back to have a go in the Velodrome itself.
The Club organised a 2 hour coached session where an instructor took a bunch of us (some more scared than others) through the motions and had us riding on the walls in no time. Starting off with learning to ride a fixed bike, all 16 riders rapidly progressed through to paceline work, then stacking up 3 abreast round the track. The day finished off with a timed flying lap, with our bike coordinator Ciaran putting in the fastest time of the day in 17.44 seconds.
The word of the day was “exhilarating”. Do not miss the next session if you’re lucky enough to have your name in!velodrome 1 velodrome 2 velodrome 0

1st Annual Tri London Beer Mile

A fitting end to the multisport season of 2014 saw a score of Tri Londoners facing the uncanny challenge of the Beer Mile last Saturday at an undisclosed location in London.
Beer was consumed, lunches were lost, fun was had, and champions were born.
The official price awarding ceremony will take place during the AGM on Friday the 19th.  Congratulations to all who took part.

1st Annual Tri London Beer Mile